Monday, July 25, 2011

Wattles brighten my day

Well I did say it had been raining! Ducks weather on one side of home

But then! Despite the wind and rain being relentless for days on end a walk out the front door (finally) and the Australian Natives prove they are far more resilient and bring Sunshine to my day

 Not a local but it does pop up all on it's own and it's leaves are fabulous for flower arranging (despite me needing to wear gloves or I get an itch from this one)

 Acacia longifolia  or sophorae (Coastal Wattle) Not sure which as it's all in the phyloids!
I am going for longifolia but if incorrect then please let me know

 Above and below are my favourite because of the trunk and feathery foliage
Acacia decurrens or Green Wattle and as you can see a magnificent trunk that only nature can provide us with. The ball shaped flowers are quite prolific

 This one is sadly, not grown often but I love it. Acacia myrtifolia. Not the yellows that we have come to expect but a cream flower and quite a small shrub that is very under rated

 So thank you for coming down Wattle lane with me. 
Our natives are here all year round flowering in turn as we anxiously await the next colour splash. I am very grateful to have all this at my front door for so little effort a couple of years ago to try to stop sand eroding under established trees.

I hope you find the time to explore your local bushland.

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Linda J. said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful trees with us - I love wattle in all forms.