Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ducks that quack me up

I had given myself the task of naming a day. I chose
Duck Day
so I had better justify myself or be called quackers, not that I mind.
Life is just too short to be serious too often

(WARNING:The following video contains nudity)
Knew you couldn't help yourself!

Of course Ducks have a serious side too and due to the pleasure they give me 
I owe this side of them a mention
There mentioned,
and in case I missed any

Now duckies onto ducks!
People collect Rubber Ducks
Dr. Charlotte Lee is an engineering professor at the University of Washington. (note a University professor)Super smart, driven, commands attention. But when you arrive at her house, there are not so subtle hints that there's something unusual going on inside. 5,239 rubber ducks and counting!

 Others race ducks 
Singapore Duck Race - Noice!

  other people raise ducks and they paddle on their dams

Animals of all types like ducks

but then he is a grey!

and then there are some "problem" ducks that are here to amuse some, and annoy others
Being the mere Humans that we are, they then gain notoriety via their own 
Facebook Page
(all written by the ducks of course)
This brace may not get along with their relatives at Ourimbah Campus (and would like fireworks) but it is their only forum to cite these issues.
I know I can hear all you quack pots out there sprouting about 
Unfeeling feet and that Ducks do not have blood vessels or nerves in their feet! 
Well oh knowledgeless ones 
that is so they can swim in water of any temperature!
Ever seen a pond of ducks with slippers on, (IN A POND I SAID)!/pages/The-ducks-that-chill-out-at-the-Design-bus-stop-Newcastle-Uni/104405829593918?sk=photos

The ducks that hang out in the Chancellor's fountain.

as for those duckiest of ducks, spoilt by probably horse people?
Yep, they wear shoes inside
When I am ducking off for a bit of Duckweed with my ducktails on but I will leave you with some thoughts to wrap around  your duck bills

A duck walks into a pharmacy, and asks for Chapstick. 
The cashier says, "Cash or check?" and the duck says,
"Just put it on my bill."

Quack Quack
(not the same effect as Boom Boom)
but you get that!

and when you do pass a duck, remember some of them can fly at 60km/hr 
so remember to
I will leave you with "Duck Tales"


Linda said...

Truly beautiful - fun and it brought smiles. There were educational things there too. I love ducks and we here in Adelaide are kind to them There is a family who lives in the fountain at the Police Headquarters and a Traffic Officer stops the traffic while they cross the road.

We used to have a family visit us and swim on the pool. This gave a lovely start to my morning.

Thank you. Love and hugs,

Lynne said...

How lovely that Ducks have right of way, as it should be!
I love the way they walk, and gather in their groups and duck down in the water.Beautiful creatures

ladychiara said...

Lynne thank you for bringing a smile to my day! There is something loveable about ducks. I confess to having a small collection of ducks myself. Mine are Fenton glass ducklings. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.