Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Bird Wish

A fellow blogger in the Blog Challenge posted this who got it from a friend of hers several years ago.  Joni has adopted it as a guide for living her life.I totally agree and will adapt it to my life. Please feel free to do the same for yours.

The Blue Bird Wish
       1.To have fun
       2.To learn to make beautiful things
       3.To remember to finish what I begin
       4.To want to keep my temper most of the time
       5.To go to interesting places
       6.To know about trees and flowers and birds
       7.To make friends

    1.  Having fun will not be a problem as I do so love life and appreciate the little things around me. Constantly finding something to smile about and sharing the joys of life with others is happiness to me
    2.  Making beautiful things I guess is not the singing in the shower where Chittibangbang has been top 5 for the last 2 weeks, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and maybe they are deafer than my neighbours. In the fairness of it all making things from some lovely products I have ordered for scrap booking will suffice for this month.
     3. This just may be pert near impossible for this procrastination addict! But since this is a wish list and wishes do come true, for the sake of my family I wish this for me.
     4. Keeping my temper most of the time means it is okay to lose the plot sometimes, I don't enjoy this so will keep my temper intact and go with the flow or get out of the way.
    5.I don't have to leave here to go to interesting places. My mind is a world of it's own and of that I am glad.
     6.Is an easy one as I have too! Working at Tilligerry Habitat in bush regeneration makes that a necessary'
    7. Friends are the ones you select since you can't pick your relatives! But I have made so many friendships in the real and virtual worlds I feel blessed.


    Linda J. said...

    Hooray - it is letting me leave a comment.

    Your Blue Bird list sounds lovely and quite manageable. I hope you can find joy in living according to the plan.

    Love and hugs,

    Whimsicalnotions said...

    thats so good i shall keep it too,Ypu see my sister and i have a bluebird thing (i also have a many things thing hehe) so its special to us .Hugs