Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh My God. I so need these!

Black Cherry White Chocolate Cupcake in a Jar

Recipe here!

Thank you 

The House of Beltane where Zen rules!


Tiili said...

Thanks to Chilling in the Garden of Zen

lisa said...

Oh my those look amazing!!!!! You're going to make them and invite us all over, right? ;)

Found through a comment on my site and the ultimate blog challenge. 2 things: 1. I love the picture at the top of your pretty! 2. I also love the tagline. You sound just like me! LOL

nbeltane said...

thanks for the shout out Lynne.
every time i see this pic i really want to make some of them, they just look so good

Nicole - Chillin in the Garden of Zen @ The House of Beltane

Tiili said...

Hi Lisa, that is a pickie from where I live, a little touch of paradise!
Of course you will all be invited over