Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother Day

To all you Mum's out there, have a great day today!

Which raises the question, What is a Mum?

A Mother, by definition, is a woman who has conceived, given birth to, or raised a child in the role of a parent.
So this includes all those Grandmothers, stepmothers, adoptive parents, 
foster Mums, Mother to be,Mother in Laws
and never forget those who have lost a child or those who have lost a Mother.

 My Mum is still with me and I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with her and the memories i can store away for whenever I need her. Just the thought of some of her quirky (and whining) ways are humorous when I am back in my own home and bring a smile to my face. 
A phone call a day, at least, keeps us in touch with each other, even if all she rings for is to find out what time I got out of bed! All good for at least a 30 minute chat, usually longer as I hear about the seemingly mundane in her life, but it is her life and a weather check, toenail update and how many slices of tomato she put on a sandwich are all cherished.

I would like to thank Mrs Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichhardt Sydney, who started the Australian tradition back in 1924. It all began at the Newington State Home for Women, where she met many lonely and forgotten mothers. To cheer them up, she rounded up support from local school children and businesses to donate and bring gifts to the women. Every year thereafter, more support was raised by Janet with local businesses and even the local Mayor.

 A tradition that has become commercial, but only if we let it.
Hugs and love are free, so spread them to your heart and wallets content.

A Mum makes a house a Home


So to all Mum's everywhere Thank you for 
making this world of mine so special

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Linda said...

Thank you too Lynne for all the Mother things you do for your own Mum and for others who need some joy in their lives.

Hope your day is lovely.

Love and hugs,