Monday, September 5, 2011

twins shopping latest

I know they are still not here and for that I am glad.
Too soon to meet us yet so I couldn't resist this picture
Yes they have had a 4D ultrasound done and are doing well.Although this Grandmother is yet to see the pictures!!!!! ho hum,

so all that is left for me is to shop and surf the internet and shop
and make a nappy cake

I may be biased but mine is prettier (photo when finished, so watch this space)

 Will be looking for a little red wagon as wrapping for the gifts as I adore this and I do love little red wagons
Could be fun!

Wall Art or Blanket, haven't decided yet

Got a lovely Pink Stand ready for this

and then as I was touring the www I came across this little pearler of a pickie
In case you didn't know Mum's name, you do now!

and she is one heck of a cook, her cakes being my favourite of course, unless she is cooking my Grandchildren and has excelled at that on the first run.
From Mummy's loving oven to Grandma's loving heart and a family who will spoil them rotten. Just as it should be!

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