Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday time

My Birthday 2011

I really am so spoiled!
Lovely messages, phone calls, emails and visitors all made for a delightful day.

 My first one I opened was from my children, and scrape me off the ceiling, pick me up off the floor!Struck dumb (rare occurrence), no words for over 5 seconds . 
Ticket to Captains Tour, Platinum A Reserve no less,
I get to talk to the captains afterwards!
I so love Deadliest Catch!

Thank you my wonderful children!

Just when I thought that could no be beaten: 
Phone call from daughter 
envelope was opened by them and babies are

 And then a parcel from Linda! Wow Christmas tea towels 
( I do wonder how that woman knows what I love as I am sure 
I haven't mentioned tea towels before)
and with those came a gorgeous bowl and knife 
perfect for Chocolate Sauce at Christmas

 A beautiful card with a Chocolate Cake and a balloon. 
I do love balloons, not as much as that cake on that card, Boy does that look yummy!
Thank you Michelle K!
 and then, even more came! 
Caitlin arrived with this gorgeous umbrella with frogs, green frogs!

And even more!
Mark bought me seat covers for my car

 I feel so honoured and humble that so many people know what I love and took the time to source out such special gifts.

Thank you everyone who took time out of their day to wish 
little ol' me a Happy Birthday 
You all made it very special indeed!

To my Facebook family a huge thanks, 
you really are a wonderful bunch 
and I am so glad I found you all.

I also have a lovely bunch of flowers to remind me of the day

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Linda J. said...

So very pleased you had a lovely birthday and that the news of baby girls was the icing on the cake for your day.

Love and hugs,