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Lets get this straight by SOCKS I DO NOT mean Internet protocol that facilitates the routing of network packets between client–server applications via a proxy server.

All sorted? Cool
The sock we are talking about  is an item of clothing worn on the feet that can set you apart and make you shine! These warm and fuzzies warm your feet, ward off illness, keep your shoes smelling fresh, and ensure a more comfortable walk. So why don't more people wear their socks loud and proud? Even if bright purple bed socks are not appropriate in all settings of your life, you can hide them under your clothing. When that little snippet of wacky sock peeks out at the world from under your pants leg, people will notice, and your socks will work to be your conversation starter. Before you know it, you'll have more friends, success, and comfort. Want more conversation quicker then wear odd ones, be individual (and there is always another pair the same at home)

Well, all that aside, I wear them because I like them, pure and simple!
What is the point of a good shoe with a dodgy sock?
Prada can sock it to the best of us!

 Anyone who knows me or keeps up with my Blog would totally understand when I say "Wear the abomination below and I will have you shot, drawn, quartered and fed to the sharks within 10 minutes"

 One of my favourite sock supplier is Mongrel Socks Tasmanis
  Who, what did I just say?

Who now sell socks!
I love Australia the land of outrageous opportunities!

"Lamb Chop's Play Along - this little 6-year-old girl ewe is the sock of every childhood. When creator Shari Lewis saw the success of her little sock friend, the cast expanded to include several other endearing sock friends. Lamb Chop's Play Along was so successful that the show was an Emmy Winner for five consecutive years. And it all began with a fuzzy sock.

Now what to do with all those socks?
Turn them into cupcakes!


Liven up the farm

Snazzy up a broken foot

A sock is not merely a foot covering but an individuals rite of passage But also a learning toy for children and a piece of exercise equipment!
Cow Rattle Baby Socks

Help develop early stimulation of hand-eye skills with these Cow Rattle Baby Socks.  Babies will love to kick about and have fun while developing their senses .

and for the fitness minded, cringe at that F word,  why not take up

A workout that consists of changing ones socks up to 30 times per day to stretch out hamstrings and probably strengthen abs. All in the privacy of your own home!
Bobby Socks, great exercise too

Everyone loves an excuse for a holiday (especially us Aussies), and sock-lovers are no exception.
April 3 - Odd Sock Day (time to collect all those one of a kind socks lying in your bottom drawer and give them a new lease on life by filling them with old tennis balls and making a new sock toy for a four legged pet).

May 9th - Lost Sock Memorial Day (not to be confused with Mismatched Sock Appreciation Day (on November 6), this day is devoted to the many odds and sods of socks that lie waiting in the "Lost and Found" (presumably to be picked up by their rightful owner or at least someone who will take pity on them. For those that remain unclaimed, it's likely that they'll be laid to rest for ever and ever in a place called "Sock Heaven" or turned into puppets who play with Lamb Chop).

July 8th - National No Socks Day (in honor of brazen barefoot folk who pout when they have to wear socks the other 364 days a year).
 November 6 - Mismatched Sock Appreciation Day (to permit socks with no partners an opportunity to play with others without fear of recrimination).

Technical stuff:
The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, With more than 250,000 sweat glands each, your feet are among the most perspiring parts of the body. In one day, each foot can produce more than a pint of sweat!. Socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environments, socks decrease the risk of frostbite. (Works like chocolate!)

 Foot care

  • wash your feet with strong anti-bacterial soap
  • wear clean socks
  • don't wear the same shoes everyday - give a pair of shoes 24 hours or more to air out before wearing them again (FACT, not just me saying buy more shoes, like I would lead you astray)
To reduce the amount of sweat that collects in your shoes, you should:
  • wear well-ventilated shoes instead of very constrictive shoes, such as boots (as if)
  • always wear socks, preferably made of cotton or other absorbent materials that absorb a lot of the sweat so the bacteria can't feed on it
  • change your socks a few times a day
  • buy some absorbent shoe inserts
  • apply an antiperspirant to your feet
Simple way to care for them: Wash, dry, wear several pairs of shoes and/or socks per day!

So wherever you are, wear them with pride and remember 
You are what you wear, so sock it to them
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Linda said...

I absolutely love this post - love socks in all shapes and colours and designs. I love the picture of Bobby Socks.

Thanks for the foot care hints and that of course makes the excuse to buy more socks.

Perhaps you have to knowledge to explain what happens to the other sock - do the odd ones live at the bottom of the washing machine or is there an Odd Sock Fairy. ( Hmmmm a piece of writing coming up there I think.)

Great Post Lynne.

Tiili said...

Odd sock heaven does exist, washing machines do eat socks (use a lingerie bag), but to me they are an opportunity to be an individual or put on a sock puppet show (preferably after a wine) or during Kids Club (without wine)