Friday, June 10, 2011


What about this phenomenon that is sweeping the world!
How far has a cupcake come, from those Butterfly cakes baked by the dozens, to cupcakes in a jar! 
All in my lifetime!

Cupcake Jars

I am honoured to be a part of the cupcake revolution and take my role of taste tester, consumer and admirer very seriously. 
As a matter of fact I think a career in Chocolate Cupcakes would be my dream job.

Cupcake stand
No more whack it in the Tupperware and shove it on the table

Decorated cupcakes to a theme

 Party themes used to be Balloons and streamers with plastic table cloths
Alice in Wonderland cupcakes

For the decorators

To take to school

Show off the one flower you can make

Add them together for a caterpillar

This one was fun to do!
 Remember when patty cups were white, came in large packs and were staples in the pantry? Not any more!
Cupcake papers

Christmas Cakes

Party cakes

Style and class


And then the humble cupcakes becomes Cake Bites, Cake Pops, Cake cones, etc. 
Cake Bites

Cake pops

 And then in come inspiring people who design a way of delivering a pair of socks and a cake!
I love cakes, socks and chocolate so make my socks brown and I am in heaven and calorie free
and for those who can't eat them, there are Sock Cakes

So get out in the kitchen, cook up a storm of cake batter and lick the beaters!
Don't forget good Mothers let their children lick the beaters and great Mothers turn the machine off first.
 You choose,
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Linda said...

It is wonderful how these waves of enthusiasm sweep the world and thank goodness they do because I too love the cupcake wave - I love the colour and imagination that reigns supreme. I love the taste too . The images you have shown are beautiful and your humour delights me.

Love and hugs,

Katrina said...

Love it, every time I attempt something like this it is just a miserable failure - maybe I need to go take cupcake lessons

Tiili said...

Cupcake classes, that would be a hoot!

ladychiara said...

Lovely fun post! Ahhhh butterfly still my beating heart! The new patty pan cases are just so beautiful.