Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 2011 Ultimate Blog Challenge

I thought I would challenge myself, perhaps get into  more regular posting and learn something along the way. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would complete it.
But I did it!

Here is a list of my posts for the month of July 2011

A place for me to share my life, my loves and Heaven help you all, my thoughts Random is my mind, diverse are my posts. Highlight of this month would have to be finding out whether the twins are boys or girls

    Caught Blogger Block once and now have Blog Prompts to keep me awake and beat Alzheimer's.Feel free to send me prompts or join us at  The Facebook Group.

    Christmas at Tiili's

    I do love Christmas, all that food and chocolate, Shoes as gifts!  Bling everywhere and joy to the world!

    The best place to see Koalas in the wild, so call in for a picnic or a BBQ and listen to the Australian bush. Please pop into our Visitors Centre and say Hi or G"day. We will gladly supply a map of the site and we love to chat. Tough place to work but ......
       So that is my posts for this month, Who would have thought!
      I have Tweeted, Shared, Facebooked, Blog Boosted, Commented, joined, signed up and visited so many blogs I am leaving next month for catching up with them all (and of course sharing them in a Blog post)
      There are so many Bloggers out there and this was a fabulous way to meet them. Following the links on their Blog to others Blogs meant a lot of reading, laughing and learning. The diversity of topics was amazing and congrats to all who took on the challenge, without this I would never had met them.
      I learned about people, places and spaces. Backups (hadn't done more than back up a template prior to this)
      Advice, tips, tricks, buttons, domains, etc etc etc

      "Joining a blog challenge is like joining a family.  Even better, it’s like joining a family
      full of people who you really have something in common with.  Would you 
      like to meet other bloggers who are also in need of support or who are simply 
      looking for someone to bounce ideas off of?  Bloggers are amazing people
      and you will make some wonderful new friends and potential business partners 
      right here in this challenge.All for Free"

      With support from Michelle Shaeffer and Michele Scism and email support with regular tips, hints and encouragement the challenge is very doable and I highly recommend joining in the next one!

       So now I am putting on my best shoes, brightest socks and eating chocolate for a day!
      After all, those 3 and blogging are what I love best!

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      Linda J. said...

      Love it - you approached it as you approach all of life with zest and zeal.
      Congratulations xxx