About me

I am 50 something, a Mother, Mother in Law, a Grandmother, an Aunty and I am me.
One son, one daughter, one Son in Law, one Grandson with twins on the way,
2 nieces and there is only one me
I grew up (really, I did, or I will) in a happy home and family is important.

Things I like:
mud squishing between my toes, chocolate, 
shoes, people, nature, buttons, a good belly rolling laugh.
reading.  white wine (of the bottled variety),coffee and music

Things I love:
shoes, chocolate, friends, family, Christmas, smiles, hugs, trees, flowers, good conversation,  and talking (apparently have the ability to talk under 2m of wet concrete but this is, as yet, untested)

Special things: 
My very old deaf in one ear, can't see out the other dog Chelsea 
(with eyes that match her ears)

Spring flowers, Summer storms, Autumn leaves and Winter snow 
Shoes and chocolate
(or have I already mentioned them? Oh well they are essentials)

I am an epileptic, originally Grand Mal seizures (like to do things properly)  
but now just a pretty boring drug controlled form called Myoclonic Epilepsy..
Been there , done that with 
Talking trees, claustrophobia, insomnia, empty nest syndrome, hot flushes, mood swings (What mood swings!) and lived to tell the tale!
Now take anti depressants (aka Happy Pills) so all is well
I currently live in Tanilba Bay, NSW prior life was spent in the Lake Macquarie area
I am Australian
I believe in God
I am happy in my own skin
I sing in the shower
I am appointment phobic 
I am a registered Organ Donor
All those "I"s! Well it is all about me , myself and I. Indulge me, I am!
I collect a few things but mainly dust 
as I love spending time with my on line friends, and due to time differences quality requires quantity!

To be in my life there are few rules
hang on, don't like that word
To be in my life there are few restrictions (better)
individual (don't like people who aren't who they appear, I like real people), 
sense of humour,(need one with me around) 
and last of all
polite. It does not cause physical pain to say Thank you

So that is me in a nutshell, pecan if you don't mind. I guess the rest will be on my blog one day if it's not already. See you on the far side where the sun always shines but bring your umbrella as it just may rain chocolate, like in one of me dreams,

1 comment:

Linda said...

What a wonderful epistle of your life and of you.

It is great to be comfortable in your own skin and to find joy and laughter in the simple things of life, to value your family and friends and to nurture the world and all it's beings.

Continue on your merry way like a wonderful clear bubbling stream, heading ever onwards towards the sea.

Love and hugs,