Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twins mystery solved

Well people I left it up to dear Mummy to be
to tell me, or not,
She decided on a Happy Birthday to Grandma


it is with great pleasure
that I can now announce

it's girls!

Hoping the doctors are right, because Mummy has gone "Pink" shopping and oh boy, my girl can shop!


Linda J. said...

Thinking Pink and positive with you - lots of positive thoughts that these little girls will stay put as long as they can and not be too anxious to see the world.

Hope your daughter has a great time shopping in Pink - no doubt you will do the same.

Love and hugs and Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Little girls mean double trouble for pockets, because man - their clothes and things are SO CUTE!

Congrats again on the twins, and now knowing that you can refer to them each as "she". Makes SUCH a difference, doesn't it! :)

Tiili said...

These two little girls, credit card, first Grandchildren for the other grand parents (apart from adopting Logan fully) and all us women would have loved a girl! Now we have 2.
Shop till we drop