Thursday, July 28, 2011

Granny meets the goats

An innocent trip to Oakvale Farm with Master Loges was as usual with him, a learning experience, where he got lost only once, waved to me from the train going by (sheesh!) and generally tried to get into every animal enclosure available.
Apart from that it was a good day out

Mandatory Koala visit!
Aawwww how cute!
(Not local koalas, they actually come mainly, from Blackbutt Reserve  where they are in a breeding programme.) Local Koalas still run free here but this is a good way to get up close and personal. I prefer to see them in their homes.

So then it was off to see the free roaming critters.

 Oh wow,  we have a new friend! Or not!

Handbag raider alert!

Pickpocket with encouragement!

Don't want to know what they were chatting about!  

Safer with cages, I have decided, so back over to the enclosures.
Big Beak, Loud Mouth, Small fingers, run out of food, well you know the rest! 
Back to the wild for us

 Now these had already eaten the other picnickers food when their backs were turned, so not hungry, woo hoo.
Hmmmm, do I detect a deep studious look with a determined air about him?

 Bleeding knew it!
Goats, horns, a mother that would kill me if her boy got eaten (or whatever goats do)

So much for a quick grab of an ice cream!
Okay, I have the  goats attention, probably not wise but the other "kid" needs to get off the darn mountain!

Far more peaceful, less stressful when the visit is at Coffs Markets, get him a tattoo, supply  with a sugar fix before dropping him off to Mum.

I do love being a Grandma and moments like these are very precious memories
(maybe not at the time) but looking back I wouldn't change a thing!
Maybe the train bit could do with adapting a tad?


gina said...

Lynne, this was fab, I'm so pleased to have read your blog today. You look to be having lots of fun with your Grandson. I look forward to reading of more adventures x

Tiili said...

Thank you Gina, he is a treasure, not that I am biased of course

Mark said...

Hang on a sec, how many goats are there, i can see 3 of the four footed variety, and 2 of the 2 legged variety. An ice cream bribe, come on now, you just wanted to get up there with the other four.

Tiili said...

Yep, sprung on my own Blog. thanks Mark! Nanny, Granny and Logan in view but where is the biggest goat that took the photo? Hmmmmm