Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainy days and food

While enduring record rainfall, stuck inside, unable to go outside I have been inundated with food! 
Some were from my lovely facebook family, others by phone messages and others via email so escaping all these yummies was impossible!

Mouth watering the whole lot of them so grab a chin wipe or 2 and I'll share some, enjoy

Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding

Coffee and mascarpone layer cake 

Whoopie Pies (sorry looked better before I did the taste test, but can now recommend highly)Excuse me, chin wiping

Add a touch of sparkle to breakfast, brunch and break times with this delicious glittering jelly by Harrods. Natural rose petal extract is dressed with edible glitter!
What girl doesn't need bling for breakfast?

Cupcakes in jars

Grilled Peaches and ice cream (hold the ice cream for now and make it fresh cream!)


These little treasures are made from a packet cake with neon food colouring added (NOT recommended for children's parties in  your own home but ideal to send to other peoples parties)

and of course it wouldn't be me without something thrown in for babies!

Lychee and Martini Jelly Shots!
Jellied alcohol, gotta love that one!
Marshmallow swirls (definitely on the Christmas list for this year)
Didn't improve the sugar intake when it was Lollipop Day either.

So lets get a bit of balance here
Oh stop it, wipe your chin or chins and I promise I won't force feed you anything I wouldn't eat myself!

Tempura batter, yummo

A FB friend went out for dinner, need to get the name of this place!

and just when I thought I was off the hook, dear daughter sends me one my favourite meals at her cafe, just pop into Cocoas and ask for The Stack

Chin wiping again!
I do so love food and yummy stuff
Please feel free to leave me your favourites 
Links, recipes and /or mail me samples please


Linda J. said...

Food glorious food - wish I shared your passion for it.

There are some lovely things in your post and I hope this week is full of yummy things for you too.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

Chocolate shoes is my all time favourite, but I guess you already figured that out!