Thoughts on beating Alziemers

This will take you on a journey into the recesses of my mind. So buckle up, take a grip and be brave.
I live with my mind and all that swirls in it, where the supposed thoughts are filed under appropriate headings in a filing system. That may be true for you and if it is Congratulations! I don't mean that light heartedly, I am sincere I just don't know how you do it.
My Grandmother (amongst other family members) had Alzheimer's and I plan on beating it by confusing it. The odds of me getting it are down to 1 in 4 and are halved again each time someone else in the family gets it. Yes we all blame "Al" for our lapses but it starting to get a bit worrisome and the field is getting less each race. Not a gambling person but I know enough not to lay any money on those odds!
Now if I were to get it, the bits that are stored in one place won't really affect my memory to any great extreme so I have a bit here, a bit there and try to keep my frontal lobe free (in case of a lobotomy). This is my backup system and although I will deny writing it, should that part go,  it is recorded and I may have a good day and remember some. Certain memories I will be tested on will simply be answered by my philosophy and the collection of quotes I like, love and follow.
Certain things required to not be locked away include:
  • I must remember where I live! Easy Home is where the heart is, or where I hang my hat
  • How old am I?: Could be a problem area as I remain a child on the inside,  refuse to grow up,  and age is only a number. So as old as I feel , is me!
  • What is my name: Basic now, but for the record: Born Lynette Krause, shortened it to Lynne Krause on my own volition, married and became Lynne Ahrens, marriage Certificate says Lynette Ahrens. Okay detecting a possible issue there!
  •  Where did I grow up? Assuming I did, Marks Point and on the internet should confuse them enough
  • Where was I born: almost in an ambulance, almost in the corridor, finally in Hillcrest somewhere
  • What did I have for breakfast? well pump my stomach! Coffee and whatever was in front of me
  • What did I have for lunch? Heck, I just had breakfast, didn't I ????
  • What did I have for dinner last night? If it involved wine and overindulgence, legitimate mental blank. If not I will wing it
  • What day is it? Ask Linda, she tells me everyday now
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Australia? Not who I voted for, so obsolete
 "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" (get that one Nursey!)
"The stars that I see out of my window, are the same stars you see out of yours, and yet we're worlds apart" (Glad that is written down, never remember  all of that one)
"Live well, Laugh often, Love much" (got this one beat, it is on my desk) Note to self: Take desk with me
"Dance like no one is watching" Woo there! That could get me into trouble, but what the heck.

I am sure I will add more, if I remember,  and will let you know if I do, again if I remember


Linda said...

A beautiful post - sensitive and funny at the same time. I too share your fears about the dreaded "A" and try very hard to keep this brain of mine active and sharp.

I hope that "Al" never comes knocking on your door and if he does I hope that in your indomitable style you are able to slam it shut and barricade it closed for as long as needs be.

Remember "Growing older is compulsory but growing up is optional.

Live on and laugh well.

Love and hugs,

I love the philosophy of living well, laughing often and loving much and dancing on the wind and stars appeals to me too.

Tiili said...

Looking good, I remembered to pop back here myself!