Friday, November 18, 2011

Twins safe arrival

I have been a bit late announcing this but life has been a bit on the weird side health wise for me.

So it is with great pride, joy, immense relief that I announce the safe arrival of 2 lovely girls and a healthy, happy Mum. Many heartfelt thanks to the staff at Coffs Base Hospital for their care and support

Welcome to the world Ivy Mae and Piper Rose

so cute ! of 4 feet


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Waiting for double trouble

I am still waiting for news of the twins. Since I have the concentration span of  gnat at the moment I have taken to talking to inanimate objects on my desk. Webcam has taken up the duty of "Security System" and is currently watching a green tree frog sitting atop the downpipe. Hope he is recording it all so i know what goes on out there at night.
Which brings me to a Christmas beetle flipping over the keyboard! Why are they so dumb! I seem to spend most of December and half of November flipping them over, saving them from ants, tossing them back outside and generally saving their little souls. It is like having 347 Alzheimer's patients in one room (oh okay slight exaggeration perhaps but you get the drift.)
Back to the desk, I did say short concentration span! Where was I, webcam sorted, cricket just eaten by Marks dog, earphones need a home! Sorted!
Phone on charger (novel prospect) , papers in a pile (not going to even look at them) and wow rubbish for the bin! Better stop or I will see woodwork, oops too late there is some peeking out AND I have an uninterrupted view of both monitors!
Hold the phone, I have a mouse pad, cool bananas, Oh dear the rest is too hard, Sorry to leave you in the middle of whatever this is, but I will go wait somewhere else in the house.
Will let you know when the girls arrive.Everything is ready and waiting so I am not alone

Times 2

Just the one

Times 2

times a zillion

Never enough dresses

times 2

times 2 @ $40 each

Monday, November 7, 2011

Twins and the wait continues

I am still waiting impatiently for the twins to join us in the world.
Every day they keep us in suspense will be worth every moment and every grey hair.
I so eagerly await that first time I hold them and see their little hands and feet. All those fingers and toes, the marshmallow cheeks that have shown up on the ultrasounds, will be covered in Grandma kisses and love.
I thank God every day for the miracle of birth and trust He will keep my baby girl safe

The joy of having the opportunity to call them by their already chosen names, instead of Twin 1 and Twin 2, is another moment I will cherish. I am sure their Mum and Dad have selected lovely ones, Master L's one of Harvey and Norman (as well as various suggestions by friends that have been given to them) I am sure will be disregarded.
Ho hum.
Why is it so many of us are not satisfied with the names our parents choose for us?
But we do get on with our lives and live with it.

Lets hope this isn't the case with these much adored already cherubs (but I very much doubt it)!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Photo, Chelsea

Thanks for the memories, the love and the laughter

 Run Free, and rule from above

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chelsea, the end of an era

 Rest in Peace Chelsea
 February 29th 1992 to November 1st 2011
Passed away in my arms at 3 am

19 years of love and laughter

I would like to start by saying Thank You to the best little dog  I could ever hope to meet.
let alone have the honour of owning

You will be very much missed and it is too soon to know how far you have stretched those little paws and your big heart, but I wish I could stay in denial forever.

Run free little one

Monday, October 31, 2011

Coffs Harbour Botanic gardens

I thought I had better get around to downloading my pickies of my holiday and sharing them with you all. Not a lot of words in this post as nature speaks volumes for itself so come walk with me through the gardens.

The Aboriginal Plant Walk was very interesting with fabulous signage

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My boys toys

Sunday Photo for this week is a 
Thanks to my boy for being himself.
(and acknowledging that mining destroys our land)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Twins today?

Mum is in labour
Doctors are trying to stop it
She is being flown to Royal Randwick Hospital at 2am

Huge hugs to my girl

the Big Brother and their Dad

  and of course the 2 new additions to the family

Prayers and good thoughts

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holiday Notice

I am off on a holiday, be back in about 10 days
Be good, blog lots and see you when I return with stories to tell and photos to share.

 Staying here so if you are up this way, give me a yahoo and we can jump in the spa with a wine or your beverage of choose

This is a My Mum free zone

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday photo October

Happy 30th Birthday 

May the girls have decided to stop playing long enough for you to get in some you time today

Love always Mum

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 Many thanks to Morning Coffee


Prevent your Images from getting copied

With numerous social networking and picture sharing websites coming up every other day, one happens to wonder if all those personal images that you upload are safe? What if someone downloads it and uses it for illegal purposes?Is the internet safe to save personal information?
I would like to say here that, for a techie it is really possible to download any image from any website. It is next to impossible to make every picture of yours safe online. But then, there are some clever ways to prevent a straightforward download of your images. Read below:
First try to download the below images by using your usual “Save Image As” option from the right click menu option and see what happens

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to Coles Spring

Well it isn't Autumn now so thought  I had better update you all on what is on my walk to Coles at this time of year.
 The wattle is finished it's flowering for this year and now the Lady Bugs have moved in to eat any nasty bugs on it. Ants are eating a sappy bug but they would not sit still to pose a photo.

 Native Mistletoe is flowering

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday photo

When a shoe becomes a work of art it
deserves a home in any Gallery in the world!

Isn't that just the coolest shoe!

Buddy the Masked Bandit

Meet Marks adorable Mutt

Innocent face (don't fall for it!)
For a "not full bred Stumpy" he sure has all the traits.

The Stumpy Tail (albeit cross bred) that still wags

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Solution

On September 30th 2011 Facebook will start charging you for your account. To avoid this, you MUST get NAKED, stand on your dining room table and do the Macarena, all while singing ”I Will Survive”. After filming and sending it in a private message to Mark Zuckerberg, then, and only then, will he come down your chimney to tell you that your account will stay free. Pass it on, it must be true because someone on Facebook I hardly know told me..
 Hope he doesn't get stuck and block Santa from getting in!

Facebook changes

Don't growl at me, I am not Facebook

Broken Facebook

3,801 people like this.
View all 2,414 shares
and not just for the cute factor!

Free means no rights? NO
Understatement here, but I do get the drift.  

Dr Seuss does Facebook
Nobody does it like Dr Seuss so maybe with a Green and Eggs and Ham delivery en masse to Facebook might get a message through

If it ain't broke, I never fix it

Now they can follow us around and tailor those advertisements to suit our News feed, not sure how because I have trouble following my News feed lately, Bet there are no ads or links to the FB known issues page!

 not that you will get a reply, an automated response, yes, but at least that keeps their servers busy!
Just in case you thought that you had heard, seen, cussed, and generally ranted enough. guess what? There's More!

Some of Facebook changes have gone live earlier than others, and there are a few live tests in the mix, but the unannounced features include:

* Posts can now be as long as 5,000 characters, ten times the previous maximum length.

* You can no longer accompany a friend request with a message.
Part or all of the navigation bar can remain on the screen even when you scroll down the page.

*You can create bookmarks, labeled favorites, in the left-hand column.
Birthday reminders appear in the upper right side well-wishes now show up as notifications on the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, near where you see poke notifications.

*Friend lists that existed before the new smart list prompts have an entirely new management interface.

*The poke button has become a link tucked into a pull-down to the right of the add friend button.

* A thumbnail image of the user, and his or her name, appears int the right corner of the top blue navigation bar; when one surfs the site using a page alias, the name and main image appears in the same place.

Oh and by the way, that bit where we could change our language in Australian to English UK was good while it lasted but now they are getting the roll out of this. Good Luck over there, take on skating for the night if all else fails.

Off to Twitter, 
hope to see you scrolling down my right hand side of my FB page (if it's still there when I get back that is)
Meanwhile, please leave my buttons alone, pressed enough lately, thanks all

Don't do it!
tried to warn you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shoes for little feet

I have not spoken of a couple of my obsessions lately so need a fix, come along for the ride. It will be fun, trust me I am female, I blog and so therefore need no further proof.

That aside, welcome to shoes for little feet!

These shoes are made of 100% leather and feature a soft suede sole, as recommended by the experts. The elasticised ankle collar and fastening strap keep the shoes fitted snugly whilst the textured suede sole provides superior grip when crawling and walking.
These pink shoes feature a soft suede sole, as recommended by the experts. The elasticised collar keeps the shoe fitted snugly around the ankle and the textured suede sole provides superior grip.

Okay, baby girl obsessed? Well here try these!
 and talk about obsessed! Want these!
They do come with other critters but I love Koalas!
What is that I hear you yelling at your monitor?
Where do you get them?

All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made.

SKEANIE is a Preferred Provider of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW).

Not only that you can be sure of a perfect fit with the very handy sizing sheet (with a diagram and instructions, charts, all easy to read and understand!)

and just because it is my blog and therefore I can, What about making these treasures?
Aren't they just adorable!!!!!!!!
I could just squeeze those little podgy legs too

Frustrated Grandmother? Yep sure am, can't wait but I will