Saturday, July 2, 2011

.A walk to the Supermarket

I see so many things when I walk to the shop, so armed with my phone I will give you a glimpse of what I see in my world on that short walk to the supermarket

 No Koala in here today

Too busy looking up could be hazardous, but it wasn't today

 I loved the way these trolleys had not conformed and twisted in a curve

 Coming out this one was there. which got me to thinking how many twins trolleys are there?

Of course my Favourite Op Shop is just through that gate, and the Best Fish and Chip shop in Port Stephens is there too 

 Chinese Hawthorn adorn the carpark

Lilli Pilly grow along both sides of the Car Park and are stunning in flower and when the juicy pink fruits hang in clusters. Other times it is the foliage colours that amaze

A reminder of the Fire that is a constant here on the peninsula, Our bushland needs to burn to survive but it is good to know our Rural Fire Service is so handy and, although some homes have been lost in past, they are a conscientious bunch and I thank them constantly

 A return trip through RAF Park to admire the constant seasonal changes

 Tire tracks remind me I am not alone. These may be the tracks of the mower man who keeps our roadsides tidy or of a service vehicle or Barry picking up rubbish and whipper snipping the edges of gardens

 Success Street and almost home

 My garden on Council land which has become home to many little (one not quite that little) with lots of habitats for any wildlife who choose to make it home


 Arrived at my door! This garden is also home to many critters and I love sitting, listening for the rustle of the leaves that tells me something is in there.
Not today, I must put my shopping away
and I look forward to another walk to the shops
I wonder what will appear on my next trip to the supermarket when the car is at home, where it should be, and my eyes are open.

How much do we miss by driving
if I see this in a 5 minute each way leisurely stroll?


Linda J. said...

A lovely walk for you in beautiful surroundings - mine would be along a busy road but there are some nice gardens there too. I don't mind the walk there - but carrying the stuff home is another story.

You certainly do live in a beautiful spot.

Love and hugs,

ladychiara said...

A lovely post Lynne, thanks for a peek into your neighbourhood. Since 'going bush' with Peter I have noticed how much we miss in our busy lives especially when we jump in cars to travel. Love your gardens and I bet the native animals and birds do too!