Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twins decision time

Okay people I have until Friday (yep THIS Friday) 
to decide if I want to know the sex of the twins

A roll of the dice or a toss of the coin?

Weighing up the option is really, really hard!
Do I want to know or don't I?

Options are: 2 Boys, 2 Girls or 2 Surprises 

What if I regret my decision? 
What if I do find out and the doctors are wrong?

Going to a friends house and playing with a 
little girl has not helped.
I quizzed her visitors and the vote was 3 to 1 for Surprise.

Have I decided?


Linda J. said...

That is a tough decision - knowing certainly would be easier for buying or making things, but the surprise when the babies are born is lovely too.

If you decide no - someone will let it slip or you will pick up on the things being bought and the things said, so you may as well be in on the news at the start.

Boys or girls they will bring such love and warmth to your family and your lives.

Roll the dice, toss the corn or just make the decision.

Love and hugs,

Linda J. said...

Toss the coin not the corn.

ladychiara said...

A difficult decision for you Lynne.What is your gut instinct telling you to decide?
I do know of cases where the doctors did get it wrong and that can be very traumatic if you have come to think of the baby as one particular sex. Also expensive if you buy gender specific items/colours.(or babies) Good luck with your decision making.

Tiili said...

Thanks everyone. Linda I tossed the corn and I went with my gut . NO, it is to be a surprise. Or that is tonight decision anyway