Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twins update

Girls or Boys remains the question

Just a short note to keep you up on their progress.
Mum was having cramps earlier in the week, but is at work (of course).
Specialist on Monday to check all out.

Twins are happy in their separate sacks at the moment. No problems with cords wrapping around each other  and they can kick each other, been seen doing that already, Bless their little booties!
they do share the one placenta.
This makes it a high risk pregnancy.

I have included some information below and hope these 15cm bubs share the placenta nicely as they do kick each other and I am assuming have a chat through the individual sacks.

and the egg division has occurred between the 4th and 9th days,

Identical twins occur in a third of twin pregnancies, and result from a single egg being fertilised by a single sperm, which then divides into two identical embryos.

  • If this division happens in the first three days after fertilisation, the twins will have their own placenta and membranes, and will look the same on a scan as non-identical twins.
  • If the division occurs between the fourth and ninth day, they will share the same placenta and chorion (outer membrane), but will each have their own amnion (inner membrane). They will be described as diamniotic and monochorionic. Two thirds of identical twins are monochorionic.
  • If division occurs after the ninth day, your twins will be in a single sac. They will be described as monoamniotic and monochorionic. This is quite rare, seen in just one per cent to two per cent of twins.
  • If division occurs after the 12th day after conception, the result will be conjoined twins, and this, fortunately, is extremely rare.

"If you find your twins are sharing a placenta, the vast majority will also grow and develop normally. Almost nine out of ten of all monochorionic twins will not develop TTTS, so most will not need treatment in pregnancy. However, it is advisable to have regular scans to look for early signs so that you can be referred to a specialist centre if necessary."

Happy Birthday to their Big Brother today, Yay Logan (still on the puppy instead but warming to the prospect)

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Linda said...

Wonderful information - lots to read and lots of big lovely words too. Holding the whole family close and hoping for a stress free and good pregnancy and safe delivery.

Happy Birthday Logan - I go for the puppy too - or if they really insist twin puppies may be nice.

Love and hugs,