Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ultimate Road Trip

I have decided on a life on the road after seeing this. I could sure be comfy in this!

 Room for my little Red Sports car for driving the open roads!

 Packs away so it doesn't get stone chips!
Ready to roll!

Now this is a drivers seat!

 Unaffordable luxury for a heck of a road trip

 Must have this bathroom! I can see myself getting on the blower and saying "Driver, Facebook friends please"
 Cupcakes and High Tea for us all in here

 Rough isn't it?

 Spare bedroom look quite passable, I am sure guests could struggle with that
So look out my online family,
One toot out the front, from the horn that plays Christmas Carols,
and it's


Linda J. said...

Would be most happy to be "on the road again" in that sort of comfort.

Thanks for the invitation.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

Would be lovely "slumming" around in that

Ros said...

Don't forget lil ol me will you??