Friday, August 19, 2011

Procrastination and Da Vinci

All this time I thought I had probs, well I do, but my happy pills help and so does a lump of 4 x 4 when all else fails.When actually, after self diagnosis, an email and an Internet squizzy,  I have da Vinci Dilemma aka too talented for my own good! How cool is that!

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Well Thank You Lisa Rothstein
 Just takes these 7 Simple Solutions for multi Talented People

1. Use logic.  Convince yourself.
Write a list, as fast as you can:  “At Least Ten Reasons Why I Should Start”.  Typically, this is enough of a nudge to get unstuck and overcome procrastination.
  Oops, pen won't write, onto Number 2, still 6 more so all will be good and I will get by with a little help from my friends

2. Pick the best time to start.
Follow your natural body rhythms to optimize your chances.  If you’re a morning person, then it’s best to start first thing. If you’re a night owl, getting started is easier after dark.If your project is ongoing, establish a habit of tackling it regularly, during your best, most productive times.
 Thought a bit too hard here, needed a nap so now I need coffee to wake up, Body not exactly what I would call rhythmic!
3. Reduce distractions.
Take a moment to list all the things you know interfere with getting started   The goal here is to identify those things that are contributing to your procrastination. What interrupts your flow?  (The telephone?  The kids?  Your email inbox?  The siren call of the internet? The laundry?  Your noisy neighbors?  Thoughts about other projects?)
 All of the above apart from the neighbours and now pen  is working but there isn't any doodling on that list, so this is fine (apparently).
For each, ask yourself how you could combat this distraction?   For example, if you keep getting distracted by web surfing, you could disconnect your internet connection during your focused work time.   
  Is she on drugs? I got to her through an email she sent me!!!! No Internet????  Give me root canal work first

4. Promise yourself a reward.
  Give yourself a gift for getting unstuck and getting started.  A special meal, a nap, a walk, a fun outing – whatever would be real treat for you today.Here’s the tricky bit:  you MUST actually reward yourself for overcoming your procrastination.
  Chocolate, cakes, chippies, shopping, hang on will be back later

5. Prepare yourself mentally.
When you find yourself stuck or procrastinating, take a moment to clear your mind.  Close your eyes and think of nothing for five minutes.  Now think of what you want to do and why.  Now open your eyes and go do it.
 Whoops, all that shopping and rewarding myself must have tired me out, nodded off for a while. What was that last bit? Oh yea, open my eyes, better read back further coz that does not make sense reading with my eyes closed???

6. Make a public commitment to start.
You could phone or text a creative buddy.  You could email a friend or post a notice on your Facebook wall or send a tweet via Twitter. 
 Hello!!!!! Didn't she tell me earlier not to go on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Google reader. Apparently didn't mean ever, so be  back when I check my emails, grab a couple of pics, say Hi to my friends and tweet a couple of blogs. (Tweeted Nic's before she falls in the fireplace again or adopts out a child). Found some cool pickies to pin and put a badge on my blog. Next please
 7. Set a timer for ten minutes.
Whatever you get done during that period is ‘enough’.  It doesn’t seem like ten minutes would make a difference, but it does.  Starting is starting.  There’s something about a timer that forces most of us to take action now. 

Hmmm, what takes 10 minutes to cook, no use using the timer unless there is reward at the bell, (see 4), Googling, be back again or maybe not that soon,
Tweeted and shared on Facebook group for foodies.

This is getting ridiculous, sun was up when I started and now it is past my bed time, and I don't seem to have progressed very far. Perhaps I will wait for the next installment and see tips 8 to 14.

Thank heavens for the Art world that Da Vinci didn't use a computer
or is that what Mona Lisa is smiling about?????? hmmmm


Danielle said...

This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

Tiili said...

I have added a quiz as the next post if your game!