Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing in Action

To all my friends, followers and family, sorry but I have been MIA.
I have had that time for decisions, some had to be made, and now that they are, I feel rather exhausted.Add London to that, where my cousin is, Mum, daughter who can't put shoes on as the twins are in an awkward position (although she really should get used to one on each leg).

Help with Mum has been very welcomed, so will be back.

Going for a wind up and get back into life
and buy some new shoes!
Thank you for popping in


Linda J. said...

It is very distressing when loved ones are in a city where there is a problem and we can't get hold of them. Glad that your cousin is okay.

Take all the time you need to make necessary decisions and I hope that things work out well for you.

The stress of Melissa's pregnancy is hard for everyone and I continue to pray that those little girls stay put for as long as they can.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

I have heard from Michael, which is a relief, Leanne will be fine, Mum is getting with the program, Melissa has enough people spoiling her to be fine.

Chelsea is a bit more active lately (20 next year) so that decision is on hold.

That covers the last week!
Thank goodness for my on line friends!!!!!!

Bonnie Anderson said...

I hope your life evens out a bit soon. You are wise to do what you need to and wait for the rest. No apologies necessary. Take care.