Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday photo

I am going to start Sunday's posting a picture
which captures a moment from time.
           A simple, special, memorable or  extraordinary moment.
                      Any  moment I want to pause, savour 
and remember.

A special moment with my boy,  too rare nowadays.
Discussion, chatting and still a computer, now that's us! 
This was at Biloela and he is now moved to
 Moura , which is too far away for this Mother
but then out of sight is too far some days.
 I sort of understand his work is keeping him there.
A mechanic at the mines out there with his huge tools now, 
I hope they look after my boy.
 Love you Mick!

 Please feel free to share to your Special Memory or moment

1 comment:

Linda J. said...

A wonderful idea to share a photograph - and this one is lovely.

I love the reclining and talking - I am sure you do miss your son - and how right you are that out of sight is too far somedays.

Love and hugs,