Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twins update August

Well hello kidlets!
Babies are now sitting head to toe
4D ultrasound has shown that they "look just like Big Brother, so beautiful"
and that is from a very unbiased Mum, (cough, choke and splutter)

Weights are in and so are they still, how amazing is technology!

Twin 1 860g
Twin 2 820g


I will let you know when they make their next move,
but hoping they remain in Mum's belly cooking for a while yet.
Knitting to finish and a nappy cake to decorate, but then that is what waiting rooms are for and the Chapel is just down the hall (spent lots there with Big Brother's birth).
But that is John Hunter, Coffs (yep checked with them )Chapel is down the hall and has a garden

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