Monday, August 22, 2011

Twins probs?

Lets set the scene here first so you are fully informed:

I live here, on Tanilba Bay Golf Course 
Distance from Twins = 386km or 5 hr drive

 Mum, Dad, big brother and the twins live at Korora (yep on the golf course)
 worth the drive!

 Mum lives across from Belmont Golf Course
about an hour drive from me (traffic dependent)

 Son lives at here, only golfer amongst us and not on on the Golf Course

Distance from twins 964km 11 hours 44 minutes
 Coffs Hospital where the twins MAY be born if they wait till after 34 weeks

 on the other hand, John Hunter where they also MAY be born if they decide to come before 34 weeks

 Distance from me 49.8km or about an hour if I pick Mum up first
Also where Big Brother was born


Where will it be and when?

Simple right? Just let them decide and go with the flow?

Too easy

  • Mum turns 80
  • Mum of twins turns 30
  • Surprise birthday party at Coffs in early October
  • Wedding on the 9th October out near Nana Glen
  • Twins will be 32 weeks when we are on holiday
 AHA! There is the dilemma!
Will I be there and they be here, will they be there and all will be peachy!

Can I go earlier? Hmmm NO
Do I have to go? hmmm YES

Will it all be fine? Of course!

I know Mum doesn't move with anywhere near the speed of a brides nightie on her wedding night, nor does she know that there is no plane to fly direct from Coffs to Newcastle now. (Won't know, won't worry rule applies). Does she know her only grandson will be staying with us, no. Can I drive that fast with Mum in the car and still have my hearing at the end, NO
(Note to self: Macksville 50km through town
for those unaware of the area that is close 
to Far Kew, and yes it is a town)

Am I bothered, probably, will it stop me, definitely not. 
Some days are diamonds and what will be will be.

Do I still love their Mum, Of Course!

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Linda J. said...

Distance and far flung family members do make it difficult, but these babies are the most important members at this stage and hopefully they will stay in utero for as long as possible. Hopefully they will arrive when the birthday celebrations for your Mum and their Mum will be over.

It will all work out fine.

Love and hugs,