Monday, June 20, 2011


Sorry i haven't been here for a while, I have been doing Blog Prompts over at another of my Blogs.
I am working my way through a list and quite surprised at some outcomes, but hey, it is my brain that is prompting it so I shouldn't be too surprised.

No excuse, I know so I am here now to let you know I am still of this Earth, not among the noted who have traded fame for eternity, No Who's Who listing, no record book entries, no news coverage, still here and thankful for that.

I thoroughly enjoyed a BBQ with friends, and foes, where the cook had the temperament of a kitten, as usual for him, but today he had the appetite that included everything from Drop Bears to a Ford Territory, so no leftovers for the volunteers tomorrow. All in sunshine for a change here. No paradiddle of sprinkles giving way to serious drumming as has been the norm here lately!
Okay I have just re read that, Holy abecedarian!

I have become a philosophunculist! 

  Did I get a new dictionary or thesaurus and thought it appropriate to use as many big impressive words as possible? Is the 'big word' fairy holding my family hostage demanding that I use these words or else? 
I don't think so!

Bring on the Qwerty Fairy!


A reality check was all that twas needed!

Now how to write a "little word" post, like I usually do,'This is not because I don't respect your smarts (intelligence = Big Word) but it means less typos by the law of averages.

I am here in Tanilba where the sun is finally shining after all our rain, Chelsea is still waddling around the place, today was a yuck day so am writing it off and starting again tomorrow.

Why yuck? Car battery flat, appointments missed, phone calls where you press this number for that and that number for this and I wanted the other that was not an option. Oh for human contact!

I was also informed that I had the same shoes on yesterday at the BBQ by someone who I don't know! How bad is that! I think I will get a giggle about it later, but not yet, still smarting and changing shoes!

Today was the day where everyone asked me "why". I don't have "Help Desk" written on my forehead (checked twice already).
Tomorrow is Ruby Tuesday
Gem of a day
Habitat and then Mum's for a couple of days
so will be waiting for tgif.

Take care and be good to those around you, and if you run into me please don't ask "why". just live with the mystery and leave me in pieces.

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Linda said...

I love this post - it must have been one of those days - I too was out of step with the world yesterday.

Those automated phone "services" drive me insane too (that's not a drive I hear you say - that's a short putt.)

Glad the sun is shining in your little corner of the world and that your are finding new words to use.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us - I love reading these posts and they always bring a smile.

Love and hugs,