Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twins report for June

Mum's cramps have gone
Specialist said nothing to worry about at this stage
Sharing the placenta is a bit more of a problem as one has more blood vessels than the other and is therefore larger. Not a new problem but one we hoped to avoid,
30 weeks is what is being aimed for at the moment, could mean a stay in hospital for Mum (who is trying to work out how much work she can do with just a lap top while bedridden!)

I love this pickie but her with 4 of them, hmmmm

We find out the sex on the 8th July (Happy Birthday to me????) Do I want to know, still haven't decided.
Of course Mum does because if they are boys she will never get a toilet seat left down EVER.

Looking for an automatic closing toilet lid for Mummy. Does she need it? If girls, no, 2 more boys YES,will it matter anyway, NAH , I think she will love it anyway.

House not built and no room for the babies still as Dad has his gym in the only spare room.
Pressure to complete a house in 15 weeks, OH YEAH!
Time Management and a Project manager?
No time for idle tools or minds now!


Linda said...

Thank you for another ride on the Baby train, such exciting times for you all. Would I want to know - I don't think I would but couldn't be sure really.

Busy minds and busy workers to get the house ready and all baby gear installed. It will all happen and if 30 weeks is as long as they can stay inside then so be it - let's hope for longer and good health for them and for Mum.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

Thank you Linda for being as sure as me whether to find out.

Homeless twins, no drama, Home is where the heart is and these will be loved