Monday, June 6, 2011

Mobile phone, or mine at least Update

Garmin Asus A50
I don't do reviews, personal taste when selecting a  phone, but I do read others and leave all that up to the techsperts.

I am a female who has a phone, end of qualifications!

So why do I like my current one?
It has GPS, with a lovely lady. without an irritating voice, that tells me politely to turn here or there and gets me from point A to B relatively unscathed. She even goes with the flow when I go off some side road that looks like it goes somewhere . Could I change the voice, probably, but we get along well so why try.

My favourite is the Saved Parking Spot! Wow, never lose my car again, (if I remember to tell it where I left it) and when I tested this out it took me straight to the boot of my car! How cool is that! It even knows that I fill the boot with shopping first, Impressive.

Facebook, where would my  life be without FB!

Email: although my computer takes offense sometimes and says  "use your phone!" in that narky Microsoft generated voice it has.

It has a camera so I can take pickies of my shoes when I am bored waiting for someone.
  • Other things include a calculator (handy but never to be used on a shopping spree or a retail therapy trip) Defeats the purpose if you see those numbers clocking over. Better to wait for bad news and enjoy the day.
  • Mobile TV: useless, an idiot box is what sits in the lounge room only
  • Flight Status: Can see what flights are on time, delayed etc, Handy!
  • Apps Store: No shoes or chocolate so haven't been back to that shop
  • Calendar: Use it sometimes
  • EBay: Handy!
  • Google goggles: Love the name so have that one, Apparently shows me stuff but I don't use it.
  • Games Store: Not this little black duck!
It has lots of other things that I don't need and don't use. Someone else with the same phone probably does.
It is one of those "drag and drop icon" things so anything I do use is handy for me.

Oh and is Android platform! Woo there geek talk for it has a little green man that pops up, quite cute.

Oh and it's a phone too, can set ring tones and pickies for all my contacts, but stick to one noise for all or I wouldn't know if it was mine ringing!

Only drawback (apart from the monthly bill) is I can charge it in my car, off my computer but it didn't come with a wall plug in whatsy, but have one at Mum's that I snaggled off my brother so I could prob buy one. I am one of those people who believe things come in the box, and if I needed one it would have been in there.

So would I recommend that you buy one? 
No way! It was my choice, you make your own 
but I do love it!

(not that boring you must restart your computer things!)
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Linda said...

All I want is a phone somewhere
So I can get messages out right out there there.,
Right tone, right cost, right call
Oh wouldn't it be loverley, loverley loverley.


Tiili said...

They don't make phones like that anymore, just plain, all us women want, phones. Although I do love the qwerty keyboard