Thursday, June 9, 2011

Twins mystery

2 girls?

 The wondering continues!

Do I want to know when Mummy finds out?
Yes, shopping would be easier
Yes, There is only so much white this pair can wear


2 Boys?
I do like surprises
Healthy is the thing I hope for most
Mum to be fine

Shopping doesn't matter when I am at home, not on line or sleeping 

Dilemma to be sorted before she finds out or my Mum will crack and subtly suggest "OOh, you don't need pretty frilly things" or something along those lines, but you get the drift. Tell my Mum a secret, ask her not to tell you something and she cannot help herself

Covering my bases or woosing out?
 I didn't want to know until this one was born, BUT he was flying solo


Linda said...

It is absolutely beautiful to be "infanticipating" in double. Two girls/two boys - it truly doesn't matter. The result we are all hoping and praying for is two happy little health people and a Mum who is well and contented.

All the pink and frilly things are wonderful to imagine, so too are the blues and boy type things - clothes and toys to suit. It won't matter a bit and both of these little people will develop with their own little personality and charm and will enchant you all.

Wishing and hoping for health and a safe journey for them and I continue to follow their progress with very great interest.

Love and hugs,

Lynne said...

Thank you Linda. healthy bub and Mum fine is all I need, will await the birth and let you all know which they are.

ladychiara said...

I like surprises myself but as noted all that really matters is healthy babies and healthy happy mum. Enjoying your anticipation and excitement :)