Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog Prompt

Okay so a Facebook friend started this off with the starting of a group called Blog Prompts
Got me Googling (of course) and decided I would do a blog post one the 3rd prompt.
Never been one to renege on a deal with myself (bit like dealing with the devil some days) so here goes:
You're a fly on the wall at your own funeral. What are people saying about you?
 Well supposing Mum isn't there with her fly swatter and wipes me out before I hear anything (she is a mean shot with that thing) I guess the first thing would be 
"Gee it's quiet"
Yep I like to talk, don't need a subject, just love the sound of my own voice and chat away to myself constantly, if there are people around, woo hoo, I am off with my verbal diarrhoea "running" rampant.Pun intended!
 "I will miss her"
Mandatory, fly poop on any who do not utter this at least once. 
"Do you think she will like the flowers"
Natives people, Morticia Addams Lily in my hands which no one will see because
 "Do you remember that day she ....."
I am dead, give me a break, why rehash that stuff! Go for the good memories, if you don't have one what the dickens are you doing here!
"Who got her shoes"
Read the will! They are coming with me, unlike my organs.
"It's what she wanted played at her funeral!"
"Yes, but she wouldn't know if you didn't play it! It's so out-of-place at a funeral."
"The individual side of her wanted it played."
Fly poop on the 2nd person! My Funeral, my choice! 

"We'll have to stop meeting like this"
It's a family thing, but we just don't seem to do it
 I expect tears
Natural part of grieving, but please on a nice handkerchief

I expect laughter

Coz that was me!

Now all of you out of here, a fly has a short life and you lot need to get on with yours,
Party for me, I will be watching and move on when you are ready.
Talk about me when you want, but remember me on days other than the one when I died please. Got to go, lots of catching up to do with those who went before me.
Best wishes to those who got my organs, I hope they serve you well.
No Pictures! Furnish those yourself from memories!
Thanks for stopping by  while I am still here (huge assumption)


Linda said...

I love it and echo your sentiments exactly. Mourn for me, grieve for but let me go and then get on with the next bit.

Talk about the funny things I did and said.

This is a great post Lynne and very very YOU.

Love and hugs,
Linda. xx

Tiili said...

Thank you Linda, I hope I can stay me on the far side too

ladychiara said...

Lynne you are a breath of fresh air! I LOVE this post. I love your sense of humour Damn I'm gonna miss you :(
Assuming I don't go first of course LOL
Hugs xxx