Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well this is long overdue
Anyone who knows me would have expected this to be my first post
if not the only topic on my Blog
Never one to deprive those that admire the good things in life
here we are at last!

 This is what I am wearing now
Major trendsetter stuff!

There are rules for shoes and an order in which they are stored
Fanatical? No way!
Organised? Not in my vocabulary!
Practical? Oh Yeah!

There are categories and all shoes fall into a category, just one category ever.
There are "The shoes that kill, but heavens they look good"
This is reserved for those must have ones 
 and is accompanied by a
 Handbag and full set of Bling
and a pair to wear while driving
if I am driving
 but a Limousine could be warranted for these shoes!

Favourite brand here is. of course Prada .

All stored in Clear Shoe Boxes

 Then there are those that I could wear out to lunch, time with the girls, nights I know a dance marathon (or karaoke) is on the cards.
These are still stylish, not as painful and cost less than a good meal
May have either a matching or coordinating handbag 
Boots must have a matching scarf
Still stored in boxes but not all clear

 Next is those to be worn around town. Shopping, visiting friends basically anywhere there isn't sand.
Shopping shoes need to be comfortable, must look good,(sales people judge your price range by your footwear and serve accordingly. Want to wait in line then wear your flip flops!)
Comfortable does not mean joggers! Although my favourite are a pair of Diana Ferrari lace ups, brand clearly on shoe and good for shopping expeditions
  This pair of Prada sneakers will set you back a quick $468US

Good grocery Shop

 There are special shoes for dancing, walking, sports, etc. Some types are described below.

Ankle High: A boot the covers the ankle.
Ballet Heels: A fetish shoe or boot that is made at an extreme angle that the wearer is standing on their toes. These shoes and boots are single sole and heel heights are around 15cm.

Costume Shoes: A term that describes any shoe or boots that is themed. These shoes and boots are usually themed to a profession like cop, firefighter, mobster or clown. These shoes can be made from the same quality material and worn everyday. This term does not necessarily mean cheaply made or plastic.
D’Orsay: A shoe that has both sides cutout between the back of the toes and the ankle.
Drug Shoe: A shoe that has a upper made from Hemp.

Gothic Shoes: These shoes are usually solid black or black with pink, red or green. They are dark or morbidly themed, often with skulls.
Green Shoes: These shoes or boots are made from all earth friendly non-man made materials.
Knee High: A boot that cover the leg to just below the knee
Lobster Claw Heel: A shoe / bootee that resembles a lobster’s claw due to it’s unique curved shape of the shoe and heel. Made popular by Alexander McQueen.
Mary Jane: A closed shoe that has a rounded or square toe. These shoes also have a strap that crosses over the top of the foot about midway between the toes and the ankle.
Mini-Platform: Any platform shoe or boot that has less than a 5cm thick sole.
Mule: Type of shoe that does not have an ankle strap. They usually have a larger vamp to help hold the shoe on.
Open Toe Sandal: A shoe that exposes all of the toes. These shoes also have open sides and an ankle strap.
Open Toe Shoe:  A shoe that exposes all of the toes. The sides of these shoes are closed and may or may not have an ankle strap.
Oxford: A closed toe and foot lace up shoe. These shoe are usually plain with little styling.
Peep-Toe: A close toe shoe except for one small hole, usually in the middle exposing the middle toes or in the front inside exposing the big toe.
Pumps: Any single sole heel that the toes, sides and back is closed. These shoes may or may not have an ankle strap.
Recyclable Heels: Introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier at the 2010 fashion show. These shoes are made from 100% recyclable products such as rubber and plastic.
Sandal: Term used to describe any open toe shoe that has an ankle strap.

Single Sole: Any shoe or boot that does not have any type of platform.

Slingback: Type of ankle strap that wraps around the back of the heel only.

Thigh High: A boot that covers the leg up to the thigh.
Thongs: Any open toe shoe that has a small piece of material that separates the big toe from the rest.

Toner Shoes: A shoe or sandal which is designed to help burn more calories, tone muscles, improve posture and more. They often have a rounded sole like a rocking chair, to stretch the wearer’s leg muscles with each stride.
Vegan Shoes: These shoe are made from all man-made or natural materials like hemp, wicker, fake suede and leather like materials. They can and will not be made from any animal.
Wedge Heel: Type of shoe or boot that has undefined heel. These shoes have a solid bottom with a one piece sole.
Costume shoes can  be fun too

or Costume shoes can be plain ridiculous
 Trend for 2011!
 "Honeysuckle" is the colour of 2011. 
This was chosen by Pantone Color Institute, 
the company that largely sets colour standards 
for the fashion and home industries.

Honeysuckle is "encouraging and uplifting. 
It elevates our psyche beyond escape, 
instilling the confidence, 
courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges 
that have become part of everyday life".

 so get out there (order from US while the AUS dollar gets us $1.10) and 
snaggle some bargains trendsetters!

I think it is a cool colour for Fluffy Slippers , perfect for Mothers Day!

Although a Honeysuckle Christmas could also work 
if Rudolph changes the bulb colour in his nose!


Online Tour said...

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Linda said...

In the shoemaker's shop this refrain would never stop
As he tapped away, working all the day
(At his bench, there was he, just as busy as a bee)
Little time to lose for the boots and shoes

But his heart went pop inside the little shop
When a lovely girl set 'em all a-whirl
he had come to choose some pretty dancing shoes
And he heard her say in a charming way
Shoes to set my feet a-dancing, dancing

Dancing, dancing all the day
Shoes to set my feet a-dancing, dancing
Dancing all my cares away

A lovely post - I understand your love and passion for shoes and I hope it hope it always brings you joy.

Love and hugs,

ladychiara said...

Ahhhhh I wish I had the right feet to have a passion such as yours for shoes Lynne! Sadly I'm stuck with extra, extra wide ones that are extremely difficult to fit. This means I hate shoe shopping with a vengeance. I do however enjoy looking at pics such as you have shared and thinking 'if only' LOL. I am glad shoes bring you such joy!
Hugs xxx
P.S. I love your fluffy slippers!