Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week Days,

Why is it my life never seems to care what day it is?
 Could it be that it requires rational thought, organisation and a calendar?
I am very short on all of these things
so I put them to far better use
Rational thought: Which book do I read next in this series
Organisation: Putting my fluffy slippers in the same place
Calendar: Used for straining vegetables???

 Sunday, apart from thanking God I am alive, 
I am expected to remember which one is the 3rd in the month 
to go to a bar-b-que at the Habitat, 
That will be sorted now I am Secretary 
as emails will go out regularly to all members so I can keep track.

I cruise through and know it's Monday when the neighbour's children got to school 
and there are less playing outside
 unless it is a Long Weekend or a teachers day thingy
Mark goes to work, 
unless it is a holiday or a flex day or a sickie, 
so as reliable as the electricity supply in Port Stephens!

Here I get a bit lucky sometimes
"Ruby Tuesday"
is sometimes posted on Facebook wall by a friend
Mum used to go and see "The Eye Candy Surgeon" on Tuesdays. 
I stress USED to, denied that pleasure now too,

Middle of the week, If I am still on track that is
Hump Day for workers who work Mon to Fri
Creative Arts Day at the Habitat, 
but it starts at 9am and I usually figure this out about 10am

I previewed this and found out I had missed Thursday!
You would think that Blogger would have popped up a message telling me so, 
it corrects my typo's, makes me add words to my dictionary,
 barrages me with tips and tricks
saves when I don't want to save,
and even it can't keep track of the days in a week!
What hope do I have?

Well TGIF!
This means Mark will be home tomorrow morning, unless he is doing overtime
in which case I am back to confused again
Last day to raid Mum's bank account or have to wait till Monday 
(lucky she has a stash somewhere)

 Okay, usually handle Saturdays!

 Unless the neighbours kids have gone out, Mark is working or I am at Mum's,

 Postman doesn't come today should be a tip, but that could just mean no mail today
Football is on the television, but I don't watch it
Seventh Day Adventist are in church, but I am not one

 and the mother of all questions that I dread to be asked 
"What is the date"
Like I'd know!

So if you see me wandering the streets, 
don't ask the date,
just smile, say Hi and 
tell me what day it is please!


Linda said...

I love it - I Love the fun of it. Yes,
when you don't work it is easy to become confused about the days of the week especially around public holidays when the shops are shut.

So on this middle of the week Wednesday I say thank you for the smiles.

Love and hugs,

Lynne said...

Thank you for keeping me on track!

Linda said...

I am so glad we have Thursday back in the week - Thankful Thursday - the week just wouldn't be the same without it.

Love and hugs,