Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyday shoes

Okay, so we have covered the "Good Shoe" 
so lets move onto
the ones you wear the rest of the time

This is a bit of a minefield when selecting these.
Practicality enters (cringe), durability (yew), uniform (boring) and purpose driven.
Purpose driven gives the most scope for your personality to shine through
so let me explain.

A shoe says a lot about you so do you really want to be known for those $1.69 thongs?
I am hoping the answer was a most emphatic NO. (if not contact me as there is far more for you to learn and a foot makeover is needed urgently!)

I do not wear thongs, ever, on my feet anyway.
Now I hear you say "what about Havvy's" 
Ha! Havaiana's are to thongs as Billabong is to t-shirts and  Peter Alexander is to pyjamas
A t shirt, pair of PJ's and a thong still just that with or without a brand name only non brands have longer fashion life.

So what do I wear?
Mules, as a preferred foot wear
"great for sand, water, mud, bit like the thongs of the Gum Boot world, for kids and not fashionable!" 
Is that what you just said?

Well let me introduce to the wide world of "Crocs"

 Work or Play: these 2 are perfect

 Driving, grocery shopping or visiting relatives

The ultimate in casual, yet practical and still colour co ordinating with style

Nothing there for you yet? Hard to please?
I like you even more now!

 Well if you  wear these styles then you get the added benefit of support and adjustable straps.

and for special occasions when only Gum Boots will do, 
I implore you to do it with a flair and panache
So get down at your feet, they've done a lot of work for a lot of years walking you around, 
Show them some appreciation
 Pedicures and massages are not luxuries, 

Buy proper fitting shoes,

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Linda said...

Crocs, Birkenstoks and Gum Boots - this page has them all and lovely purple shoes too.

I see the podiatrist regularly and pamper my feet often.

Love and hugs,