Wednesday, May 4, 2011

70 weeks, but who's counting

Who is counting?
I am
Linda is!
Her family and friends are!

 What has happened in those 70 weeks?

It became against the law in Adelaide to lend your car for weddings
Facebook reached over 500 million users
Avatar and the King's Speech hit the cinemas
Ben Quilty won the Archibald prize for "Margaret Olley"
Americain won the Melbourne Cup
the world experienced wicked weather

but above all
Linda was with us to experience it all
For that I am forever grateful,
My life is so much richer with her in it.

I hope the donor's family have gone beyond counting the weeks 
but may they know that we care and hold them close.


Linda said...

I love it - and I am grateful for your post in celebration of my 70 weeks. Thank you Lynne and so many things have happened in that 70 weeks it is amazing and being here to celebrate them all makes life very special and cherished.

Thank you.
Love and hugs,

ladychiara said...

Lynne what a beautiful post for our beautiful friend. I know I too feel my life is enriched for having Linda in it. I remember reading Linda's 'Pages of Avalon" website some years ago and being so impressed, never realising or imagining that one day I would get to know the creative, warm and wonderful lady who wrote all those lovely poems.