Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogger Block

I am still living and breathing, I just can't seem to get a full post together on any of my Blogs.
Then some friend decides to redo hers today and I have a hard drive full of photos info and stats with all these ideas and can't put it together.

Maybe a Mai Tai?


Nope one of those and heavens knows what I will post

Alright, perhaps what is needed is one of those other Blogger s who tell you how to remove Blogger's Block! Good idea I suppose, but too hard and I would expect a post at the end of it and if I haven't got anything good to say then I don't say it.

Look. that's what I mean I type that and immediately think of all the ones I visit or subscribe to and haven't left a comment. Now all these people are thinking "she didn't like my post". I do, I did, I have visited or I wouldn't follow your blog!

Heavens above I remember when Google was my Home Page and now Google Reader is!
Is this what my life has become?
No more training the Bodgy Bird to play chess.
Not that it proved a worthwhile exercise as we always argued over who got the white end, and to me a Castle is something a Princess lives in and I think I was conned when he said it was a chess move.

No more collecting Google Logos

all those Beta versions

Braille is still my fave
Conan Doyle was a good one

Of course Christmas


Yes I could Scream about now

Daughter proposed to up there

The annual ones

Seasonal ones

Yes and now I blog! Up until today that is!
I have listened to music, inspirational, toe tapping, fell asleep during "Righteous Brothers" in time to have a "Ghost" tear when "that" song came on. Did a minor half album of Kane Alexander and most of Ronan Keating.
Got to Adam Cohen and "Cry Ophelia" before I realised this was a lost cause and not getting me anywhere.
Went onto Facebook instead, really good way to procrastinate in there!
So then I came up with the bright idea that I didn't really need to Blog about anything. It is my Blog (well this one is my place to play) so I am here and not bothering what I put in.
PREVIEW is for the feint of heart and I guess I could always remove it. But I know me, I won't, I prefer the public humiliation to the frustration and guilt involved in not posting.

So my friends, followers and fellow blogger's that as they say is your blooming lot.
Please note no preview involved in this post but spell check has been done. I will look tomorrow


Linda said...

I love it and understand Blogger's Block - this is a great post - so totally honest and funny. I love the Google images and the words about chess - I too thought castles were large turreted buildings with a moat and drawbridge. Promised myself I will try it one day but procrastination is my friend and constant companion.

Keep on blogging and we will keep reading (and look forward to doing so.)

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

No preview and only one pickie didn't come in, wow, leaving it as a reminder.