Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter for me

What is Easter for me?
(For those of you who dye actual eggs then I am sorry but this is just not for you today)

I never used to be this way but menopause has changed all that
Gone are the days when I would find Easter Eggs at the back of the fridge almost until Christmas.
Now I devour them with abandon upon arrival (or within a couple of days, dependent on quantity)
I have standards!

No rubbish cheap chockie for me, No Cadbury anymore since they added the Palm oil
I am a Dark Chocolate fan, that never changed, 
cocoa content is important in a good chockie!

I am a Dove,Lindt, occasional Red Tulip person now
with a special place for 
Ferrero Rocher!

Rocher are giving this away!and I want it!

The eating of an egg is an art form and not to be taken lightly!

My Mum, starts at the ears (always a Bunny, the egg, not mum)
I refrigerate first as I enjoy the crackle of cold chocolate
One friend breaks all of them into a bowl and then eats them
My daughter only eats Truffles (dieting and pregnant)
"Chocolate Monster" eats Creme Eggs on toast for breakfast 
"Dr Frog" smashes his with his fist and then gets the person next to him to eat them
(a true friend that one!)

So how do you eat your Easter Eggs?

Some favourite extravagances

Booja Ginger Wine Truffle Easter Egg 

(major Yum Factor and have a champagne flavour as well)

These are handmade and hand-painted by artists in Kashmir using traditional methods and local materials!

of course 
(prefer home made especially when the boy is involved.
 although get less Chocolate when he makes them)

What Easter Eggs should be! Face paint!

So however you eat them, enjoy
Take time between bites to remember why we do have eggs at Easter
Have a very Happy Easter from me