Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter to all

I have done several posts leading up to Easter
Traditions, meanings and of course Chocolate

and here it is Good Friday
and the Easter weekend begins.
 I wish everyone a safe, happy Easter
with blessings and thankfulness

This year has seen tragedies and triumphs

May your year contain only the latter from now on

and may you achieve 

the seemingly unachievable.


There are some of us Chocolate addicts
who seem to have eaten our eggs already.
Naughty, probably
but Nice, definitely!

So as you go about your Easter weekend 
with your Hot Cross Buns, chocolate, church services, chocolate, 
family gatherings, chocolate,
picnics, chocolate, lollipops, rainbows and chocolate.

Spare a thought for those of us, 
who through no fault of our own,
(apart from our very real Addiction)
have no chocolate left for Sunday

(Personally I thought the "buy by the 2 Kilo bags, plural"  was a good idea, 
well maybe it is, will see if it can last longer next year.)

 Gee I hadn't realised I had this much already on Easter so I will go now 
and see you on line, in my thoughts or on the morrow

going, going, GONE!

Tomorrow when I stock up on eggs?

 please think of me when you hear that "crunch" of an chocolate egg cracking

I will see you on line, in person, in my thoughts 
or on the morrow
However it is I look forward to it.


Linda said...

Delightful post - a true acknowledgement of all that special High Days and Holidays can mean to families - the traditions etc.

Thank you for sharing your chocolate world with us - enjoy your time over Easter - whatever you do.

Love and hugs,

Honour said...

Beautiful post Lynne looking great miss you girls xo