Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tanilba Bay

So what it about this stunning piece of Port Stephens that I love so much?
All of it!

From the magnificent gates
'The Water Gate' with the bollards from H.M.A.S Sydney
'The Entrance Gates'
which were built by unemployed workers during the Depression  
 to commemorate the centenary in 1931 of the land grant to the Caswells,

To the unique, and sometimes confusing,
layout of the township itself
being based on Walter Burley Griffin's plan for Canberra with a central 
'Avenue of the Allies' 
which all roads radiate from, 
which simply means all roads go round!
Koala in a local street

The streets remind us of WW1 veterans with names like Diggers Drive. Navy Nook
Convict built Tanilba house, 1837, was the home of William Caswell who was granted 50 acres in 1831 for his service in the Napoleonic wars.
and so we also have such as President Wilson Walk, Poilus Parade and Clemenceau Crescent

The name means "place of white flowers" and we are blessed with the sight of Flannel Flowers growing wild and heralding in another season.

and our numerous wild flowers that make every season special

The natural beauty is retained through the wild life corridor, National Parks and Worimi Lands

 I would be negligent in not mentioning Henry Halloran who bought the land in 1920 and has amassed a rock collection that is both laughed at and admired. Whatever your thoughts on Henry, his presence is everywhere, see a rock and say Hi to Henry. 
Why build out of timber when there are rocks (or there was!)
His intention was to build a great city, instead we have a fabulous town

Our Worimi people
At the time of white settlement there were about 400 Aborigines living around the estuary of Port Stephens.
One observer wrote that the Port Stephens Aborigines were more prone to laughter than tears. They seemed always to regard life as a huge joke to be enjoyed to the utmost.

 This continues with such residents as Michael who comes up with ideas such as
"How to make a Port Stephens fresh Air Box" 
(rechargeable in Port Stephens)
Our environment is extremely important here!

so what are you waiting for
Pop in visitors always welcomed

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Linda said...

I understand completely why you live in your little corner of the world - may it always thrive and blossom without growing too big.

Enjoy the world around you - it is indeed very beautiful.

Love and hugs,