Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am going to be the 
Grandmother of Identical Twins!

When asked about multiple birth possibility, my dear daughter emphatically said
"No! That's not how they do IVF now, one egg, one embryo, one baby.
If you want a multiple birth it would require 2 implanted"
With IVF there are nearly 21 pairs of twins for every 1,000
(7 times the average)
Needless to say she is still sitting on the floor at home 
contemplating and coming to grips with this 
little twist or 2

Life has changed from a new bub late November
with building the 2 houses in the meantime
2 new bubs when they are either ready or need to be born
with no idea where that leaves the building of a home 

Oh the best laid plans!

At least there is a constant "L" still wants a puppy
2 Peas in a Pod
Scary thoughts
twice as many nappies, feeding times,
baths, car seats, 
beds, clothes, washing,
beds, a double stroller,
twice the chance of sleep deprivation 
more chance of problem during pregnancy
basically double trouble

twice as much love, twice as much joy
No arguing over who gets a nurse
2 individuals to nurture

This Grandma can't wait!


Linda said...

I am truly delighted for you all - you will soon come to terms with the fact that there are two little ones. It will be a busy, sleep deprived glorious time for you.

Oh the fun of telling them apart if they are identical and oh the fun for them as they get older and into mischief.

Logan will still want a puppy but seeing as there are two babies he may well want two puppies.

Congratulations one and all. I share your joy.

Love and hugs,

Lynne said...

2 puppies as well, oh please not this week!

ladychiara said...

Congratulations to all Lynne.Two little blessings! That is wonderful news. How exciting it will be planning for their arrival. Hugs xxx

nbeltane said...

2 blessings to love grandma lynne. i am so happy for you and your family. terrific news.

Tiili said...

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