Monday, November 7, 2011

Twins and the wait continues

I am still waiting impatiently for the twins to join us in the world.
Every day they keep us in suspense will be worth every moment and every grey hair.
I so eagerly await that first time I hold them and see their little hands and feet. All those fingers and toes, the marshmallow cheeks that have shown up on the ultrasounds, will be covered in Grandma kisses and love.
I thank God every day for the miracle of birth and trust He will keep my baby girl safe

The joy of having the opportunity to call them by their already chosen names, instead of Twin 1 and Twin 2, is another moment I will cherish. I am sure their Mum and Dad have selected lovely ones, Master L's one of Harvey and Norman (as well as various suggestions by friends that have been given to them) I am sure will be disregarded.
Ho hum.
Why is it so many of us are not satisfied with the names our parents choose for us?
But we do get on with our lives and live with it.

Lets hope this isn't the case with these much adored already cherubs (but I very much doubt it)!

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