Monday, October 31, 2011

Coffs Harbour Botanic gardens

I thought I had better get around to downloading my pickies of my holiday and sharing them with you all. Not a lot of words in this post as nature speaks volumes for itself so come walk with me through the gardens.

The Aboriginal Plant Walk was very interesting with fabulous signage

 Above is a Tree Waratah and below is Flannel Flower (which is being grown in a new Heathland area that I will definitely go back to to see how it is progressing)

 It was a real delight to all the senses with the fluffy flowers and textural walks and paths

 These Lillies were amazing and weren't in flower last time I was here, so pleased to see them this time. The variety of colours was a real treat

Trunk seat

 The endangered orchid that is lovely to see, but would prefer to see them in the wild instead of houses and concrete

 This sign had to be the understatement! I was followed by a rather large lizard who stopped whenever I did and we had a lovely chat. I was told he follows the workers around usually, Guess Tilligerry Habitat never does really rub off,

 and of course the Fungii that abounded all through
Thanks for taking the walk with me and I hope you are as chilled, refreshed and astounded as I am whenever Nature takes over.

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