Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to Coles Spring

Well it isn't Autumn now so thought  I had better update you all on what is on my walk to Coles at this time of year.
 The wattle is finished it's flowering for this year and now the Lady Bugs have moved in to eat any nasty bugs on it. Ants are eating a sappy bug but they would not sit still to pose a photo.

 Native Mistletoe is flowering

 New acacia popping up (notice the first "leaves" to appear are different and go back to ancient times, apparently, but I wasn't there to verify)

Several plants are producing seeds from the flowers they bore now

Chinese Hawthorn looks stunning in the car park
Native Rosemary (also in the car park)
I do love Persoonia or Geebung, like the polo club!

Callistemons are popping out in flower. So the birds are very happy

Shame this was on the ground or I may have noticed! Oops, how long does a skin graze take to heal?

One of Tanilba Gates
Lemon Tree Passage Road and then home again

Remember my Autumn leaves on this tree? Well, new shoots popping out for some summer shade before making another lovely show for next Autumn

Not dropping leaves now just squillions of these to sweep up

with a quick check of the mail in case I have a parcel today
and if I do then it is off out again to the Post Office
 which takes me past here!
I love Tanilba Bay!

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