Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook changes

Don't growl at me, I am not Facebook

Broken Facebook

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and not just for the cute factor!

Free means no rights? NO
Understatement here, but I do get the drift.  

Dr Seuss does Facebook
Nobody does it like Dr Seuss so maybe with a Green and Eggs and Ham delivery en masse to Facebook might get a message through

If it ain't broke, I never fix it

Now they can follow us around and tailor those advertisements to suit our News feed, not sure how because I have trouble following my News feed lately, Bet there are no ads or links to the FB known issues page!

 not that you will get a reply, an automated response, yes, but at least that keeps their servers busy!
Just in case you thought that you had heard, seen, cussed, and generally ranted enough. guess what? There's More!

Some of Facebook changes have gone live earlier than others, and there are a few live tests in the mix, but the unannounced features include:

* Posts can now be as long as 5,000 characters, ten times the previous maximum length.

* You can no longer accompany a friend request with a message.
Part or all of the navigation bar can remain on the screen even when you scroll down the page.

*You can create bookmarks, labeled favorites, in the left-hand column.
Birthday reminders appear in the upper right side well-wishes now show up as notifications on the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, near where you see poke notifications.

*Friend lists that existed before the new smart list prompts have an entirely new management interface.

*The poke button has become a link tucked into a pull-down to the right of the add friend button.

* A thumbnail image of the user, and his or her name, appears int the right corner of the top blue navigation bar; when one surfs the site using a page alias, the name and main image appears in the same place.

Oh and by the way, that bit where we could change our language in Australian to English UK was good while it lasted but now they are getting the roll out of this. Good Luck over there, take on skating for the night if all else fails.

Off to Twitter, 
hope to see you scrolling down my right hand side of my FB page (if it's still there when I get back that is)
Meanwhile, please leave my buttons alone, pressed enough lately, thanks all

Don't do it!
tried to warn you!

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