Sunday, November 13, 2011

Waiting for double trouble

I am still waiting for news of the twins. Since I have the concentration span of  gnat at the moment I have taken to talking to inanimate objects on my desk. Webcam has taken up the duty of "Security System" and is currently watching a green tree frog sitting atop the downpipe. Hope he is recording it all so i know what goes on out there at night.
Which brings me to a Christmas beetle flipping over the keyboard! Why are they so dumb! I seem to spend most of December and half of November flipping them over, saving them from ants, tossing them back outside and generally saving their little souls. It is like having 347 Alzheimer's patients in one room (oh okay slight exaggeration perhaps but you get the drift.)
Back to the desk, I did say short concentration span! Where was I, webcam sorted, cricket just eaten by Marks dog, earphones need a home! Sorted!
Phone on charger (novel prospect) , papers in a pile (not going to even look at them) and wow rubbish for the bin! Better stop or I will see woodwork, oops too late there is some peeking out AND I have an uninterrupted view of both monitors!
Hold the phone, I have a mouse pad, cool bananas, Oh dear the rest is too hard, Sorry to leave you in the middle of whatever this is, but I will go wait somewhere else in the house.
Will let you know when the girls arrive.Everything is ready and waiting so I am not alone

Times 2

Just the one

Times 2

times a zillion

Never enough dresses

times 2

times 2 @ $40 each


Tiili said...

well Webcam did it's job and found 2 green tree frogs!

EarthGipsy said...

How very, very organised you all are. Everything looks so beautifully pink and girly. These babies have a lot of people awaiting their arrival. Good luck on Friday.