Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday is a day for a friend

My thoughts and wishes go to all my friends but today one , in particular.
a lady through and through always who is having a procedure done today in hospital
For those who know her, I need not mention her name, for those who don’t look for a shining light from a lovely lady and that is most probably her!
Take the time to say Hi and you will be very well rewarded

Just some of many other things I have learnt from this lovely lady is to smile at a stranger, be good and kind to myself and others and to treat our world and its inhabitants with respect.

Life isn’t always fair, but we must continue and learn and grow from the hardships and heartaches no matter how hard at the time. Treasure your friends and help them when they stumble, dust them off and support them, as a true friend is a gift indeed

I have learnt even more about the importance of organ donation, as this friend is a testament to how one person’s tragic loss can become a true gift. I thank all donors every day of my life and know that this family members gift of life is treasured in a wonderful person.

Please visit the link below to see what a difference you can make to lives

Register to become a Donor and discuss with your family now, not later, tell them your wishes and I hope you do agree to share the gift of life whether it be organ and/or tissue.

I have also found out many fascinating, and humorous, things but the gift of sharing has been the catalyst in learning these, so share your knowledge and experiences as someone like me may not know of it. A prime example is Stevens Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis:
Never heard of it? Either had I!

“Almost any DRUG can cause SJS/TEN, including over the counter drugs. SJS & TEN do not discriminate against anyone! Everyone should be aware of allergic drug reactions.”

Thank you to an amazing lady who I am now off to visit spiritually and support her through today, please feel free to join me 


nbeltane said...

a fantastic post and my thoughts love and prayers are being sent

Linda said...

Thank you - you made me cry - but it is as Nicole said A fantastic post. We are never too old to learn and if we keep our minds and hearts open you just never know who will come into our lives and the effect they will have.

The past two years have taught me so very much and the value of friendship is one of those things. Acknowledge your friends, love them and support them - "a friend is someone who knows the song in my heart and sings it back to me when I can't remember the words."

Thank you too for such a positive description of the value of organ donation and making people aware of SJS - you never know you may just have saved someone's life.

Thank you for remembering the words and singing with me.

Hopefully I will be home soon.

Love and hugs,
You know who.

Lynne said...

Thank you Linda, I do hope that , if not a life today, then maybe tomorrow with awareness being the key,

Hugs to you and I am sort of sorry I made you cry, but it all came from the heart of a friend

ladychiara said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful lady!
Hugs xxx