Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chelsea's adventures

Well. 2 doors for her to come in and out of, enough? Apparently not!
Scratching at the front door for 20 minutes and instead of taking the hint, went for another walk down the golf course.

Darn, only have 3 exits and 2 are open, so I am not letting her in!
Okay, gone again! Sheesh
Ooh, hang on, no scratching, could be a good sign and YEP, in she bolts, straight round to the laundry for munchies. I think she is too much like me and loves her lollies!
I might not eat cat food for a snack but a bar of chocolate that I can do, so good an idea, I am going to eat a family block with me and my family photos,
Some things are just too good to share!
Lets hope I don't lose another pillow tonight

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